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Tyler Roche

Class of 2020

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Class of 2020

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Class of 2022

San Miguel

San Miguel Academy opened in 2006 as a scholarship-based, faith-based, 5th thru 8th grade, independent middle school for boys from underserved families. The Academy provides a safe haven for intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. San Miguel utilizes small class sizes, extended school days, and an extended school year with a summer program to fight the cycle of poverty through education. Students who attend San Miguel Academy are provided academic, personal, and family support to reposition themselves for success in their future endeavors.

As an independent school, San Miguel Academy does not receive any funding from the government or the NY archdiocese.

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Student Sponsor Partners

In the midst of the high school dropout crisis of the 1970s, investment banker and former political aide Peter Flanigan piloted an idea to help New York City’s most at-risk youth graduate on time and escape the cycle of poverty. An advocate for education access and school choice, he paired students with caring individuals to fund their education at quality, private high schools and mentor them along the way. Seeing the results through the student successes, Peter decided to incorporate Student Sponsor Partners in 1986. The organization launched with 45 students and just two partner high schools and now has more than 1,100 students at 23 high schools across the city.

For more than 30 years, Student Sponsor Partners’ uniquely integrated programs have provided thousands of New York City students with a quality high school education and mentorship – tools to set them up for a future of endless possibilities. A combination of partner schools, sponsors who fund their scholarship and education programs, mentors who guide them along the way, and college and career prep offerings ensures a positive experience and lasting impact.